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Home Nursing Services In Patna

Surya Physiotherapy & Health Care established in 2015, located in Sugna More, Patna is the topmost health care center in Patna. This health care center is providing the best Home Nursing Services all over in Bihar. This well-known health care service provider is offering one-stop services to customers all across in Bihar, mainly targeting local and other parts of Patna.

Surya Physiotherapy & Health Care are specialized in providing health care services related to Physiotherapy In Patna, Nursing Services In PatnaHome Health Care Services In Patna, Nursing Attendant In PatnaElder Health Care Services In Patna, Home Attendant Services, Prosthetic and Orthotic Service in PatnaMother and Baby Care Service in Patna, Nursing Attendant Services Near Me. We are the best health care option for the middle class and low-class people. We, Surya Physiotherapy & Health Care is providing certified nurses who are carrying the experience of the nursing services. Our home nursing services include complete patient care at home, short term and long term support, 24 hours services, Nursing Service Near Me including all holidays and weekends and many more.

Nursing Attendant Services In Patna

Our nursing services not only take care of our patients, but we also educate the patient family members. We are providing complete health care services with perfect patient management to take care of our patients. We are offering patient care services with nutrition therapy, wound treatments, blood pressure measurement, sugar measurement, heartbeat measurement. Our caretaker is specialized in preparing health reports as per the doctor’s needs and suggestions. Our Best Home Nursing Services in Patna gives you help to heal fast with complete care at home.

We Are Specialized In:-


  • Physiotherapy In Patna
  • Nursing Services
  • Nursing Attendant
  • Speech Therapy
  • Elder Health Care Services
  • Prosthetic & Orthotic
  • Medical Equipment
  • Mother & Baby Care
  • Elder Care Plan
  • Elder Care Services in Patna
  • Rehabilitation Centre




Sl. No. Services Amount
1 Elder Care Service (8 Hours) 350/- *
2 Elder Care Service (12 Hours) 500/- *
3 Elder Care Service (24 Hours) 600/- *
4 Basic Nursing Care (8 Hours) 350/- *
5 Basic Nursing Care (12 Hours) 500/- *
6 Basic Nursing Care (24 Hours) 600/- *
7 Nursing Care (8 Hours) 550/- *
8 Nursing Care (12 Hours) 700/- *
9 Nursing Care (24 Hours) 1400/- *
10 Critical Nursing Care (8 Hours) 1100/- *
11 Critical Nursing Care (12 Hours) 1600/- *
12 Critical Nursing Care (16 Hours) 2100/- *
13 Critical Nursing Care (24 Hours) 3000/- *
14 Rental I.C.U Setup at Home (24 Hours) 4000/- *
15 Nebuli Station (Per Visit ) 300/-*
16 Physiotherapy ( Per Visit ) 400/- To 2000/-*
17 Blood Collection For Home Service ( Per Visit ) 100/-*
18 Medicine Delivery at Home 100/-*
19 Online Doctor Consultation 600/-*
20 Air Ambulance service -*
21 Road Ambulance Service -*
22 Patient Bed Rent 3000 Per Month/-*
23 Wheel Chair Rent 2500 Per Month/-*
24 Oxygen Cylinder Rent 2500 Per Month/-*
25 Suction Machine Rent 3000 Per Month-*
26 IV Stand Rent 500 Per Month-*